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New Feature: Recursive Transforms

At Ascend we see all sorts of different pipelines. One pattern we see quite often is that of change data capture (“CDC”) from databases and data warehouses, followed by data set reconstitution. Doing this data set reconstitution usually requires a full reduction — a transform in which you iterate over all records to find those representative of the latest state. This can become inefficient over time, however, as greater and greater percentages of any given data set become “stale”.

Data Lake ETL Tutorial: Transforming Data

Now that you’ve learned to Extract data with Ascend, this tutorial will give you an overview of the “T” in ETL, namely, how to start transforming your data before you load it into the final destination. We will use SQL in this example, but Ascend also supports...

New: support for 75 more SQL functions

SQL is one of the most well established, and powerful languages for working with data. It first emerged in the 1970s as a powerful domain-specific language (DSL) for managing data in relational database management systems (RDBMS), and has become one of the longest...

How We’re Helping Drive Efficiency & Reduce Spend

“A penny saved is a penny invested” — invested in the longevity of our companies, of our customers, and of our employees. Today we’re rolling out a number of initiatives to help our customers do more while spending less.

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