Team Ascend

Understanding and Measuring Customer Delight at Ascend

To help ensure we are executing to customer delight, we are engaging in a twice a year Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to take the pulse of the hands-on users of our product. Below are the results of the survey completed this past July. … Read More

Operationalizing Machine Learning Pipelines with Vidora’s Shawn Azman

In this episode, we chatted with Shawn Azman, Head of Operations at Vidora, about successfully operationalizing machine learning pipelines. … Read More

Streamlining Data Infrastructure with a new Single Cluster Footprint

We recently made a few significant upgrades to the infrastructure footprint that supports the environments our customers use. … Read More

Spring Is In the Air (and Our Customers Are Flying High)

Not only are we seeing tremendous growth in builders, but builders are investing more time than ever (95% more per builder in fact) in their Ascend powered solutions. … Read More