Tech Talks and Events

How Automation Delivers More Business Value | Partner Webinar Series

In this installment of the Ascend partner webinar series we talk with Cyrus Facciano and Jared Langguth, the principals of X is Y, about their secret sauce to helping major enterprises create business value with technology and automation.  … Read More

Ascend Tech Talk | Sneak Peek at the Ascend Platform Product Roadmap for February 2021

In this talk, you’ll hear Sean Knapp and Sheel Choksi discuss and demo the recent feature updates including the new Flex Code Data Connectors and the Python SDK, as well take a look at the new product updates that we have planned over the next few months.  … Read More

GigaOm Webinar | Data Pipeline Automation & Dynamic Intelligence

Data pipelines are a reality for most organizations but they

Data Engineering Podcast | Replatforming Production Dataflows

Bloor Group Webinar | Beyond Pipelines – The Power of Data Orchestration

  The combination of artificial intelligence and data pipelines opens

Intelligent Orchestration – Data’s Missing Link

Data Engineering Podcast | Automating Your Production Dataflows On Spark

All Access Pass: The Race to Provision Data At Scale

Move it! The Great Migration Heats Up