Industry Insights

Automating Data Workloads for Success: Why I Joined as Field CTO

Introducing lots of cloud native services, new advances in deep analytics and A.I., and other technology can slow down delivery, increase sprawl, yet solve real problems while creating others. … Read More

Getting to the Heart of ETL with Data Transformation

In this episode, Sean and I chat with one of Ascend’s Field Data Engineers, Shayaan Saiyed, about one thing data engineers can’t function without—data transformations. … Read More

New Research Finds Data Automation Adoption to Climb from 3.5% to 88.5% Over the Next 12 Months

Adoption Rising as the Need for Data Products Grows Faster Than Team Size and a Staggering 95% of Data Teams Are Still at or Over Capacity
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Investing in Automation

What Our Series B Signals, and Why 2022 is the Year of Automation … Read More

Data Transformation Explained

Data transformation is the process of converting data from one format or structure to another. Ascend makes data transformation more efficient and automated. … Read More

How Automation Delivers More Business Value | Partner Webinar Series

In this installment of the Ascend partner webinar series we talk with Cyrus Facciano and Jared Langguth, the principals of X is Y, about their secret sauce to helping major enterprises create business value with technology and automation.  … Read More

Azure Beta or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Kube

We run everything on Kubernetes and manage system state in MySQL plus a large scale blob store (Google Storage/S3/Azure Blob Storage). … Read More

How We’re Helping Drive Efficiency & Reduce Spend

As we all navigate these uncertain times, one thing has never been more certain — the need to reduce spend. Dollars saved directly equates to employees kept, strategic investments continued, and savings passed on to customers. Finding unnecessary spend and inefficiencies across the business is more important than ever before. … Read More

2020: The Year of the Citizen Data Engineer

Data scientists and data engineers play the primary role in accelerating a company’s data sophistication, providing both the technology and domain expertise from a sea of zeros and ones into valuable data products. As we reflect on 2019 and look forward to the year and decade ahead, we will examine the evolving nature of these roles and teams. … Read More

Four Anti-patterns in Balancing Data Teams

Let’s look at how managers of data teams can set the stage for a path that fuels speed and business results, by sorting out different aspects of what needs to get accomplished, and tagging four common mistakes as killer anti-patterns. … Read More