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Reading from a Single Source of Data Truth with the New York Post

With Ascend, the ability to rapidly iterate on ETL enabled the New York Post team to focus on the higher-level work that provided value across many business units without the need to manually transform dozens—if not hundreds—of distinct data sources. … Read More

Operationalizing Machine Learning Pipelines with Vidora’s Shawn Azman

In this episode, we chatted with Shawn Azman, Head of Operations at Vidora, about successfully operationalizing machine learning pipelines. … Read More

Podcast: Expecting Great Things from Data with James Campbell

In this episode, we chatted with James Campbell, CTO of Superconductive—the team behind Great Expectations, about some of the intricacies of data validation as well as what it’s like to build an engaged community in the data realm. … Read More

Podcast: Achieving Data Alignment at Every Level with X is Y

In this episode, we dove in with Cyrus Facciano & Jared Langguth of X is Y about the challenges that data teams—all the way up to the CDO—face in getting alignment on data, data strategy, and analytics outcomes. … Read More

Podcast: Making Healthcare Smarter Using AI & ML with Special Guest Miguel Alvarado of Lumiata

In this episode, we chatted with Miguel Alvarado, CTO at Lumiata, about how data science is moving the needle in the healthcare industry, as well as what organizations should be looking for when it comes to AI & ML centric data teams. … Read More

Podcast: Shaving off Time to Analysis at Harry’s

In the latest episode of the DataAware podcast, Sheel and Harry’s Data Analyst William Knighting discuss how the Harry’s data science team recently undertook an effort to expedite ingesting, transforming, and delivering new retail data feeds into a robust shared data model that connects all brand information across every retail delivery model. … Read More

Attacking the Data Mountain: Ascend

Podcast: Diving Into Data Engineering with Sheel Choksi

In the latest episode of the DataAware podcast, Sean and I chatted with our own Sheel Choksi about his path to data engineering and what he’s learned along the way. … Read More

Podcast: The Evolution of Data Teams with special guest Jesse Anderson

In the latest episode of the DataAware podcast, Michael Leppitsch and I had the opportunity to sit down with Jesse Anderson, managing director of the Big Data Institute and author of the new book Data Teams, and talk about the inner workings of data engineering, analyst, and scientists teams. … Read More

Podcast: Unifying Spark Ecosystems with Flex Code Data Connectors

In this episode, you’ll learn more about the challenges we were hearing from our customers, why we built the new data connectors, and just why the “flex code” piece of it is so interesting and important. … Read More

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