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Investing in Automation

What Our Series B Signals, and Why 2022 is the Year of Automation … Read More

Three Mistakes Data Engineering Managers Make That Slow Down Development (And How to Speed It Back Up)

Leading data teams is challenging. Few technological domains have undergone such rapid change over the past few years. Yet the vast majority of data teams, 96% to be exact, are at or over capacity. … Read More

Data Automation: What It Is and Why It Matters

Data automation is the process of using automated tools to manage data rather than using manual tools, which improves efficiency … Read More

2021 Look Back (5X User Growth!) and 2022 Look Forward (The Year of Data Automation)

By the numbers, this year was nothing short of remarkable. Developers on Ascend grew 5x in 2021. This was driven not only by new customers, but also by consistent growth in adoption across existing teams, with the number of developers per team expanding by more than 2.4x. … Read More

Spring Is In the Air (and Our Customers Are Flying High)

Not only are we seeing tremendous growth in builders, but builders are investing more time than ever (95% more per builder in fact) in their Ascend powered solutions. … Read More

New Feature: Credentials Vault

Credentials Vault is a centralized place to store and manage secrets used by your dataflows. The feature makes it even easier to collaborate with others to quickly ingest from, and write to external data systems. It also empowers site administrators with an interface to audit and control all credentials in use by the Ascend platform. … Read More

New Feature: Recursive Transforms

A recursive transform is a transform that uses the output of its previous run as an input into the next run. This pattern is often used to incrementally aggregate data. In cases where historical data is substantially larger than the aggregated data, this pattern can result in significant reduction in processing time and compute resources. … Read More

How We’re Helping Drive Efficiency & Reduce Spend

As we all navigate these uncertain times, one thing has never been more certain — the need to reduce spend. Dollars saved directly equates to employees kept, strategic investments continued, and savings passed on to customers. Finding unnecessary spend and inefficiencies across the business is more important than ever before. … Read More

2020: The Year of the Citizen Data Engineer

Data scientists and data engineers play the primary role in accelerating a company’s data sophistication, providing both the technology and domain expertise from a sea of zeros and ones into valuable data products. As we reflect on 2019 and look forward to the year and decade ahead, we will examine the evolving nature of these roles and teams. … Read More