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Certifying Data Fresh and Organic with Data Lineage

In this episode, Sean and I talk with Jon Saltzman about all things data lineage and its importance at every step of the data pipeline. … Read More

Getting to the Heart of ETL with Data Transformation

In this episode, Sean and I chat with one of Ascend’s Field Data Engineers, Shayaan Saiyed, about one thing data engineers can’t function without—data transformations. … Read More

Back to the Beginning with Data Ingest

In this episode, we go back to the foundations of data engineering and data pipelines with a deep dive into data ingest. … Read More

Negotiating the Release From Accidental Ransomware

In this episode, we discuss the concept of accidental ransomware—or when a team is slowed down by the burden of managing and maintaining commoditized software. … Read More

Autopiloting Snowflake ETL with the Data Automation Cloud

In this episode, we do things a bit differently and chat with one of Ascend’s lead engineers, Nandan Tammineedi, about his work helping develop the Ascend for Snowflake platform. … Read More

Data Automation: The Pros and Pros. Are there Cons?

In this episode, we look at a foundational aspect of data engineering workloads—automation, including the confusion that frequently surrounds data automation and how some data teams can avoid the major pitfall of going too far too fast. … Read More

Orchestrating Data for Success with Automation

In this episode, we chat about one of the foundational principles of data engineering—data orchestration. What is it, who needs it, and just how data engineering organizations need it to evolve over the next few years. … Read More

Reading from a Single Source of Data Truth with the New York Post

With Ascend, the ability to rapidly iterate on ETL enabled the New York Post team to focus on the higher-level work that provided value across many business units without the need to manually transform dozens—if not hundreds—of distinct data sources. … Read More

Operationalizing Machine Learning Pipelines with Vidora’s Shawn Azman

In this episode, we chatted with Shawn Azman, Head of Operations at Vidora, about successfully operationalizing machine learning pipelines. … Read More

Podcast: Expecting Great Things from Data with James Campbell

In this episode, we chatted with James Campbell, CTO of Superconductive—the team behind Great Expectations, about some of the intricacies of data validation as well as what it’s like to build an engaged community in the data realm. … Read More