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Data Pipeline Basics: From Raw Data to Insights

How can you combine the information from different sources and make it actionable? Here is where your data pipeline comes in. Read more! … Read More

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ETL Process: What It Is & How It Works

Do we still need ETL? The answer is “yes”. Discover what a modern ETL process looks like and why it is still important. … Read More Expands Data Automation for Snowflake Data Cloud with Free Developer Tier Offering

With Demands on Data Teams Surging and the Need for Data Automation Skyrocketing, Snowflake Users Now Have Exclusive Developer Tier Access to the Ascend Data Automation Cloud
Read More Adds Support for Snowflake Snowpark for Python to Deliver Increased Flexibility for Data Teams

As Part of the Snowpark Accelerated Program, the Snowpark for Python Integration Extends End-to-end Automation for Multi-language Workloads With Access to the Rich Open Source Ecosystem on the Snowflake Data Cloud … Read More

New Research Finds Data Automation Adoption to Climb from 3.5% to 88.5% Over the Next 12 Months

Adoption Rising as the Need for Data Products Grows Faster Than Team Size and a Staggering 95% of Data Teams Are Still at or Over Capacity
Read More Secures $31 Million in Funding with Series B Led by Tiger Global to Advance Data Automation

Tiger Global, Shasta Ventures, and Accel Back’s Advanced Data Automation Cloud to Dramatically Increase Data Team Productivity
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Data Orchestration Explained: A New Automated Approach to Solve Common Challenges

Data orchestration is the step in the data management process that leverages software to optimally and efficiently move and process data. … Read More

What Is Data Ingestion?

Data ingestion is the process of transporting data from one or more sources to a storage location where it can be analyzed and used by an organization … Read More Announces First Annual Data Automation Summit

Featuring Keynote Speaker DJ Patil, Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist,’s Data Automation Summit Opens Registration, Call for Speakers, and Sponsorship Opportunities

Read More Brings Autopilot to Snowflake with Data Automation Cloud

Snowflake Users Gain Access to a Full-Spectrum of Data and Analytics Engineering Automation with Unified Data Ingestion, Transformation, Delivery, Orchestration, and Observability

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