Gulp data engineering, anytime, anywhere! Tune in live with Ascend’s in-house experts discussing how they built the first unified data engineering platform in the world!  Hear their insights, tips, and tricks in weekly segments, or view them on demand.  Choose from topics like automating infrastructure for data projects, designing architectures for massively scaled data operations, and diving deep into the capabilities of the Ascend platform.


Segment: Infra Tuesday

Tired of fending off weirdness in the world of Kubernetes?  Tune into Ascend’s very own infrastructure gurus Joe Stevens and McKenzie Abdon, hosts of this special series of livestreams to share the tips & tricks they’ve learned over 4+ years running, automating, instrumenting and scaling hundreds of k8s clusters across 3 different clouds. 

Segment: Data Friday

Hosted by Ascend’s in-house data engineers, Data Friday covers blistering data topics each week. Tune in to learn about topics like the “do & don’t” of successful data engineering teams, the challenges of securely democratizing data across the enterprise, and the tradeoffs between data warehouses and data lakes.  This is a must-hear segment for Spark warriors, and expect occasional guest speakers with their own points of view! 

Segment: Tech Talks

Looking for a fast fun way to power up on the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform? Get a quick fix and sound like an expert after tuning in to our pre-recorded Tech Talks. Edited into fast-paced 5-7 minutes, these jolts of content reboot what you’re capable of, to build and run data pipelines better and faster than you ever imagined. 

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