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Ascend offers the only Data Engineering Platform powered by DataAware intelligence for faster and smarter data pipeline development.

  • Tracks lineage and monitors dependencies to predict new data arrivals and auto-propagate logic changes
  • Profiles data automatically to optimize backfills and gracefully handle late arriving data
  • State-aware: intelligent persistence, incremental processing, adaptive job parameterization
  • Auto-scales based on profile of the data, code, pipeline priorities & SLAs
  • Deploys and runs seamlessly across:

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Build On the Data Engineering Platform


Leverage declarative configurations to build data pipelines with 95% less code. Iterate, test, and productionize with no disruptions or downtime.

“With Ascend, more people can build sophisticated pipelines to an extent I’d never have believed was possible.”

Miguel Alvarado



Add, remove, and edit data sets and logic in minutes. Ascend tracks full data lineage, backfilling and propagating changes automatically.

“To get a new data source in or update an existing one has gone from 1-2 days worth of work, down to less than an hour.”

Sheel Choksi

Senior Director of Operations


Ascend continuously monitors for changes to code and data, automatically keeping your pipelines up-to-date and keeping you from getting paged at 3am.

“I don’t need to worry about data coming through the pipeline any more. New data will show up and get pushed where it needs to go.”

Francis Chan

Senior Software Engineer

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