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Shawn Azman

Shawn Azman

Head of Customer Operations, Vidora

Shawn is an experienced team leader and executive in the Enterprise SaaS space, with a background in Analytics, Marketing Automation, and AI/ML. Currently, as Head of Customer Operations at Vidora, Shawn works closely with new customers to set up, and iterate on, Machine Learning Pipelines in order to deliver tangible business value.

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Analytics and Machine Learning April 13, 2022
12:30 pm - 1:10 pm

Data Automation: The Backbone of Real-time Machine Learning

Machine learning enables businesses to continuously automate and improve key business metrics increasing top-line revenues and decreasing costs. Recently there is increased interest around real-time machine learning which enables a business to leverage real-time user signals, in the millisecond time-range, and use those signals to optimize consumer experiences. Underlying any production real-time machine learning deployment is data automation. Data automation is required to both obtain a reliable stream of inputs to model training and to perform real-time inference. In addition, data automation is a prerequisite within the real-time machine learning pipeline for tasks like feature engineering.