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Pietro Guardati

Pietro Guardati

Data Engineer, Kpler

I am an Engineer with experience in cutting-edge Information Technologies - In particular Robotics, Machine Vision and Data Engineering. I believe in continuous education and I am currently interested in Data-driven Cloud applications.

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Data Architectures April 14, 2022
2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Deal with Real Datasets: How to Treat Data Assets to Create Business Value

In this presentation it is shown an example of how companies can treat proprietary data to create business value - from the storage of raw records until the deployment of a new containerised application. Overall, the development of an Automated MLOps pipeline is described. In particular, the focus is put on which data engineering skills are required in order to satisfy the requests of product owners. Due to this, suggestions about software tools, libraries and learning resources are given. The audience for which this work was conceived are organizations that want to become data driven and Students/Graduates that want to have insights into the industry of data.