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Miguel Alvarado

Miguel Alvarado

CTO, Mindstrong

CTO at Mindstrong, overseeing all tech, data science, analytics and product engineering. Started career in 1996 at Microsoft. Miguel has been building software products since for a large variety of companies, including small startups to large enterprises such as Brightcove, Intel, Verizon, and Vevo.

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Automation and Society April 13, 2022
10:50 am - 11:30 am

What Your Phone Data Can Say About Your Mental Health

At Mindstrong, we collect phone typing data to extract features around typing dynamics.This talk will cover how we go into those logs, to inferring 5 areas of your cognitive state. We'll describe the end to end pipeline, from collection, to how we validate from science literature, that what we're inferring is directionally correct.