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Jacob Levy

Jacob Levy

Principal Data Architect, Entisys360

    Jacob leads Entisys360's data practice. Prior to Joining Entisys, Jacob was Senior Vice President of Enterprise Data at PennyMac Financial Services, where he was responsible for data engineering, governance, and business intelligence. Jacob lives in Chattanooga, TN, tracks the geopolitics, the markets, and reads history.

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    Data Architectures April 14, 2022
    12:30 pm - 1:10 pm

    Automation and the Money Value of Time

    In the information age, compelling analogies for data are legion. Data shares functional properties with such critical commodities as blood, oil, water, air, and food. For example, data, like air, is the conduit of thr critical combustible of a given process, like oil is the primitive of further refined products, like water is predominantly present and not always accessible, like food can be both nutritive and poisonous. And yet, as data professionals, we not infrequently struggle to secure funding for projects, fail to deliver sufficient value when funded, and not rarely see procurement or architectural decisions decided by a cadre with less technical understanding of data. With the separation of storage and compute, data architects are closer to the focus of enterprise architecture than ever before and should be more able to directly and visibly support - and therefore influence - enterprise strategy than ever before. This last point is key and let us speak plainly about it. Data architectures and platforms must deliver measurable value to the enterprise. Measurability requires quantification and atomic traceability. Value requires prioritization and success. In this presentation we will explore how Ascend.io helps data teams deliver compounding, measurable value to the enterprise.