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Dr. Ratneesh Suri

Dr. Ratneesh Suri

Head of Data and Analytics, Ports of Auckland

Ratneesh is an experienced people leader, passionate about enabling measurable business, customer & people outcomes through strategies & solutions powered by data, analytics, digital & design. Her expertise spans across building and leading high performing teams and establishing data and analytics platforms. Ratneesh is driven by leveraging data science, emerging capabilities & digital technologies, along with cross-functional agile ways of working, for enabling business transformation and developing digital products and services. Ratneesh has held a variety of leadership roles with a track record of highly successful deliveries. She has provided strategic and execution leadership across multiple domains including Digital Product analytics, People analytics, Customer Insights, Business Intelligence, Marketing campaigns, Data Science & AI products, Data management and Governance. Agile experimentation, product mindset, incremental value delivery, relationship building, communication, empathy and people empowerment sits at the heart of how Ratneesh drives change. Being a big believer in growth mindset, Ratneesh is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. Collision of her data analytics expertise with other fields like Product development, Customer experience, Operations and People & Culture is where Ratneesh sees untapped value and looks forward to unlocking that value via direct leadership roles in these areas, or by collaborating with the respective leaders to create collective outcomes. Ratneesh believes in giving back through servant leadership, by supporting digital and data focused community initiatives, by encouraging women in STEM & leadership and via mentoring and fostering talent growth. Ratneesh is passionate about fostering talent, supporting universities and fresh talent through internships and growing first-time leaders. Helping close the digital-divide, educating on and uplifting algorithmic fairness for social benefits and well-being of individuals and societies is a cause Ratneesh believes in & contributes towards through volunteering activities.

All Sessions by Dr. Ratneesh Suri

Analytics and Machine Learning April 13, 2022
2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Navigating Top Challenges to Unlocking Value from Data

A fireside chat discussing how the Dr. Ratneesh Suri, Head of Data Analytics at the Ports of Auckland, began her career in data team leadership and what important lessons she’s learned as she’s worked in and led some of the world’s largest data analytics organizations.