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Dai Tran

Dai Tran

Sr. Manager, Analytics & Strategy, Skydio

Started as a consultant at Nielsen before transitioning to the world of Data Analytics. Jumping onboard at Pandora to leverage big data for product development and launch (Pandora Premium) through analyzing user behavior, building user segments, and driving usage forecasts for financial success. From there I hopped on the Okta rocket to model, forecast, and drive GTM initiatives to increase awareness, improve the customer journey, and setting the team up for success. Currently at Skydio to build out the Analytics team, manage the tech stack (Ascend being a key partnership to enable our data automation), and drive reporting & insights from our wealth of data all to meet the end vision of making the world more productive, creative, and safe through autonomous drones and software.

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Data Orchestration April 13, 2022
10:50 am - 11:30 am

How Automation Accelerates Data Workloads for User Consumption