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Cyrus Facciano

Cyrus Facciano

Director, X is Y

    Cyrus Facciano is a creator, innovator, solver and entrepreneur with a passion for technology and people. Connecting innovations in technology with actionable outcomes for real people is what motivates him. As a Psychology graduate from the University of Auckland, Cyrus has gone on to build a career over 20 years in the ICT and Commercial industry. He has done this across multiple geographies and sectors, in a range of ventures and existing organisations, both local and global. He has worked in a variety of roles from delivery to business development. Cyrus is passionate about new business models and disruptive approaches to traditional ways of doing things. Cyrus is equally passionate about strong cultural values and building and working in teams that are unified to a common cause. In his spare time, Cyrus is a keen runner, rock climber, avid gardener, adventurer, media glutton and family man.

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    DataOps April 13, 2022
    12:30 pm - 1:10 pm

    Lessons from the Field: Transforming Ports of Auckland