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Ben Tallman

Ben Tallman

CTO, M Science

Entrepreneur, Business Person, IT professional and Change Agent who demonstrates the ability to lead professionals in a variety of competitive industries. Thriving at the busy intersection of business performance and technology enablement, my teams analyze needs, capabilities and resources to identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, developing cost-effective solutions to enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenue, and improve customer service. We relish the opportunity to work together and tackle difficult problems with persistence, hard work and commitment. From designing, building and rolling out a cloud based data analytics platform, to implementing the systems and controls for an IPO, to building an SAP Certified Product in 90 days, responding to challenges and opportunities takes a whole team, working together.

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The People and Processes of Automation April 14, 2022
12:30 pm - 1:10 pm

Data at Scale 2.5 PB, 60B Rows: Tagging, Analyzing, Delivering