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We Help You Build Intelligent Data Pipelines.

That means pipelines that can detect and respond to changes in your data or your code automatically. And enforce data quality rules at all times. And allow you to pause, inspect, change and resume pipelines without ever reprocessing data. And so much more.

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Leader and Outperformer

We’ve been named leader and outperformer in the 2023 GigaOm Radar Report for Data Pipelines.

As a data pipeline automation platform with DataAwareTM intelligence to detect and propagate change across all your pipelines, ensure data accuracy, and reduce the cost of your data products, we’re honored to be among the leading data pipeline vendors in this report.

Read the report for yourself and find out why Ascend is named a leader and outperformer. 

What I just did in an hour… Would have taken me weeks.
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Francis Chan
Director of Engineering at Divx

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