Do you want to work on cutting edge technologies with an experienced team from diverse backgrounds? Do you want to bring your innovation to the next generation of big data platform? Come be a Solution Architect at a well funded big data startup! 

You will help our customers vastly accelerate their data projects, guiding their way through proof of concepts, implementations and rollout. You will have the opportunity to design and build effective data solutions. You’ll need to be innovative in understanding customer business needs and finding creative ways to adapt the solution to thrill the customer.

You’ll have a lot of fun and make a big impact.

Primary areas of responsibility:

Solution Architect/Engineering: You will architect the customer solution, map the customer needs to the Ascend product, and define the approach to integrating it into the customer context. You will lead deep-dive sessions with prospects, configuring and presenting demos. You will help to extend the product by implementing domain-specific solutions.

Technical “voice of the customer”: You will have a front-row seat to what it really takes to make customers successful deploying the Ascend product.  As such you are in the best position to be the “voice of the customer” and make sure the engineering team hears the practical feedback necessary to make the product better and our customers more successful.

In the early days, be the customer-facing “jack-of-all-trades”: As a small, nimble startup, we need everyone to wear multiple hats.  In the near-term (~first year), that likely includes all of the following:


  • Solution consultant:  In addition to architecting the solution, you’ll be expected to be hands-on in implementing the customer solution, working hand-in-hand with the customer team and the Ascend product team.
  • Day-to-day relationship owner:  Act as the day-to-day primary point of contact for the customer team as they evaluate the product, define their intended solution, implement, and roll-out. Working hand-in-hand with the customer’s project manager, you’ll be the project manager from Ascend’s point of view, coordinating any resources that are needed to make the customer successful.
  • Customer success:  Drive onboarding, adoption, usage, and support for early customers.

What we look for:

  • Experience designing and building big data applications using Hadoop, Spark and other modern platforms
  • Familiarity with data warehouses and BI tools
  • Familiarity with at least 1 scripting language such as Bash, Perl or Python.
  • 3+ years experience implementing software
  • Experience with software development
  • Experience leading consulting engagements preferred. Significant involvement in pre-sale solutioning is a plus.
  • All of the usual skills for a position like this: Strong written and oral communication, intelligence, flexibility, self-direction, etc.

In addition, there are some characteristics that we look for in all members of the Ascend team:

Polymaths: we believe the best teams are those comprised of individuals who have demonstrated excellence in a variety of technical areas, love sharing knowledge with their team, and actively seek out environments where they are not the smartest person in the room.

Context seekers: we love the 5 Whys technique. Why? The more you ask, the more context you have about our market, our company, our mission, and our product. Why (do we care)? With more context, you make more well informed decisions by yourself. Why (is this important)? It means less process, less management overhead, and most importantly, more personal growth for you.

Impact thinkers: the biggest challenge we face each day is how best to invest our time. The best people we've worked with have this remarkable ability to take a step back and identify how they, and the company, can have the largest impact. They are the ones who view the design of the wheel as sufficient, and passionately pursue the innovations that most profoundly affect our users.

Foundation builders: every team, when designing technology, tools, or process, must decide for which horizon to build. Do you design with the next few months, years, or decades in mind? We believe great engineers build for horizon n+1, while designing for n+2. Great engineers find that incredible balance between simplicity and extensibility, initial and recurring time investments. 

What we offer:

  • Medical/Dental/Vision
  • Stock options
  • 401(k)
  • PTO
  • Caltrain shuttle
  • Free lunches & snacks
  • Fancy espresso machine

How we build:

  • Code: today we do most of our work in Scala, Go and JavaScript (Node.js), with some Java and scripting here and there. Why these languages? In short, we like them and we found that they're the best tools for data pipelines, backend, and frontend development, respectively. We could have just as easily picked other languages and frameworks, but have thus far are quite happy with these. We'll give more details soon in a blog post.
  • Environment: we run as high up in the stack as we can, such as on GAE and Lambda. Why? Because we like things that are incredibly performance, scale quickly, and most of all, it's really nice when somebody does the hard stuff for us, you know, like auto-scaling in less than 250ms. We also run a number of services on Docker when appropriate, and utilize a number of other underlying big data services.
  • Testing & Deploy: our continuous deployment pipeline gates all changes on 100% test pass rate. Why? We believe technical debt is a slippery slope and people always underestimate the impact of short cuts. It really is better to do things right from the beginning.
  • Docs: we believe not just in TDD, but in DDD (Doc Driven Development). We design, review, and iterate on our APIs (including with customers) before we even start writing tests.
  • Comms: Slack. It's really just that good.