Come be the first marketing hire at a well-funded big data startup!  In this hybrid role you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in many different aspects of taking our product to market, with responsibilities spanning traditional marketing, lead generation, research, pre-sales, and other areas.  We are looking for someone who has the core marketing skills combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to pitch in and learn.

Primary areas of responsibility:

Specific job duties will vary (and may be adapted to match the skills/interests of the person we hire), and you’ll have the opportunity to help define how we operate.  The list below illustrates the rough scope that we have in mind:

Marketing: You’ll drive a number of standard marketing activities, such as:

  • Write marketing collateral, including the website, datasheets, presentations, email copy, blog posts, etc.

  • Research prospects to build a picture of their big data initiatives (e.g. roles, data initiatives, partnerships, software used, etc.)

  • Research competitors

  • Oversee and track the demand generation strategy

Lead generation: You will take the lead on some lead-generation activities, such as:

  • Generate lists of target customers and contacts

  • Conduct outbound communication to assess interest and find qualified leads

  • Respond to inbound inquiries

  • Try out (and track) new messaging approaches

Sales: You will contribute to sales efforts in a number of ways, such as:

  • Help setup and manage sales tracking software

  • Assemble presentations using the right subset of materials given the audience

  • Support workshops and POCs as necessary

What we look for:

  • 3-5 years in a high tech B2B marketing role

  • Experience in Big Data a plus, as is experience in complex enterprise software

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a proven ability to produce clear and compelling descriptions of complex product capabilities.

  • Highly motivated, tenacious, resourceful and a self-starter.

  • Comfort with a fast-moving, sometimes ambiguous, environment.

  • Team player with the highest level of integrity.

  • BA/BS degree required  

What we offer:

  • Medical/Dental/Vision

  • Stock options

  • 401(k)

  • PTO

  • Caltrain shuttle

  • Free lunches & snacks

  • Fancy espresso machine

How we build:

  • Code: today we do most of our work in Scala, Go and JavaScript (ES6/7), with some Python and Java here and there. Why these languages? In short, we like them and we’ve found that they're among the best tools for data pipelines, backend, and frontend development, respectively. We could have just as easily picked other languages and frameworks, but so far are quite happy with these.

  • Environment: we run everything in Docker images running on Kubernetes, within Google Container Engine (GKE). Why? Because after getting over the initial learning curve, we’ve found Kubernetes to be incredibly powerful, with a vibrant community that is driving the product forward at an incredible pace.

  • Testing & Deploy: our continuous deployment pipeline gates all changes on 100% test pass rate. Why? We believe technical debt is a slippery slope and people always underestimate the impact of shortcuts. It really is better to do things right from the beginning.

  • Services & APIs: we like both TDD and DDD (Doc Driven Development). We like API Driven Development (acronym TBD) even more. Why? In early stage companies things change very quickly. Leveraging environments like Kubernetes allows us to easily spin up services that expose clean APIs for particular purposes. We like a microservice approach for its modularity, speed of development and maintainability. Each of our services exposes REST and/or gRPC APIs that adheres to a well-thought-out spec, ensuring that if we need to change implementation strategies, the work is well contained.

  • Comms: Slack. It's really just that good.