Big Data is Too Hard

Big Data technologies have evolved tremendously in the past few years -- we process data faster, cheaper, and at larger scale than ever before. Despite abundant tooling, however, the simplest of ideas take far too long to become a reality. Going from design to deploy requires 1000s of lines of code for data partitioning, monitoring for new data, error recovery, triggering downstream processing, and more.  As a result, projects that look simple take a long time to implement, with most of the effort requiring expensive, hard-to-find specialists.

It Will Inevitably Get Easier

The history of technology tells us that newer areas of technology will inevitably get easier, with much of the complexity abstracted away from end-users.  Writing raw html code to change the copy on a website or run an A/B test gave way to web content management tools.

We believe it is inevitable that Big Data will go the same way.  That’s why we created Ascend.

We’ve Been There Before

We've been writing MapReduce jobs since 2005. We've deployed production systems on Hadoop, Cassandra, Spark, and Kafka when they were still in the "oh-dots", and scaled these systems to billions of events per day. We've learned a lot.

Ascend Can Help

Ascend is a platform for the rapid creation of big data solutions without big data code.

We make every developer a big data developer.  With Ascend, any developer can model their big data solution using concepts and tools they already understand.  We handle the underlying complexity, dramatically lowering the skill barrier while increasing your efficiency in building big data solutions.